Enchanted Christmas

When she left Utah as a young widow, Laura left behind her father, her love of dance, and an old heartbreak to start over as a single mother in Los Angeles. Now, she must return home to spearhead the renovation of an old hotel, which must be restored in time for the 75th annual Christmas Eve benefit show – the very one in which she performed when she was younger. But Laura is shocked to learn that her old love, Ricardo, the boy who jilted her for a professional dance career, has returned to Utah to choreograph and star in the show. And when his dance partner Taylor leaves suddenly for an out-of-town audition, Laura must step in for her, reawakening her love of the dance, not to mention her old feelings for Ricardo – a potent combination that has her head spinning. Now, Laura must try to reconnect to her past, her family, and her love of Christmas to find a way to capture the magic of the season.

Cast: Alexa and Carlos Penavega

Genre: Christmas/Romance

Written by Rick Garman

Story by Catherine Y. Fridey

Creative Status: Aired November 12, 2017 on Hallmark Channel.