Interitas Volume 1: The Beginning of Sorrows

14-year-old Caden Roth of Savannah, Georgia has known tragedy, including losing her adoptive mother to a senseless act of violence when she was an infant to barely surviving a school shooting that took the life of her best friend. Despite it, she does her best to lead a normal life with her adoptive father, her friends, and the cute new boy in town Dez.

But nothing will ever be normal again when she meets her guardian angel Grey. He opens a door to the dystopian spirit world of Interitas, where angels and demons fight for lost souls, poltergeists are real, and ancient prophecies say she must fight an apocalyptic war between the living and the dead.

Pursued by monsters, both human and otherwise, Caden is confronted by a dark destiny and the mortal challenge of whether or not she can stop it from happening.

Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent, Intertitas Volume 1: Beginning of Sorrows is written by award-winning playwright Rick Garman. It captivates readers with masterful storytelling that weaves a rich mythology into a real-world setting, where well-developed characters try to prove that destiny is not inevitable.

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Interitas Volume 2: False Prophets

When Caden Roth was fourteen years old, her life changed forever. Her guardian angel Grey saved her, but in the process opened a door to the dark world of Interitas, a purgatory-like dimension where angels and demons fight for lost souls, poltergeists are real, and an ancient prophecy says she will one day fight in an apocalyptic war between the living and the dead.

One year later, Caden and her loved ones are still struggling with their new realities, but the absence of serious threats or attacks have made them a little complacent. Could the battle that Caden fought in the first volume have been the war that the prophecies referred to? Did “good” actually win?

The relatively peaceful year is shattered when the ghost of a young woman asks for her help and drags her into a deadly game, at the heart of which lies a mysterious figure known only as Dominic. As Caden’s world plunges into another nightmare, she needs the people she loves more than ever . . . but some of them may not be what they seem.

Facing threats both supernatural and human, Caden must find a way to unravel the mysteries of the past to stop a plot that could destroy the future.

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